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Meet the Characters

‘I’m Millie Maple. I grow in all parts of North America and people use my wood to make beautiful furniture, flooring and cabinets. You see me in your school gymnasium…I’m the basketball floor! And I also help hit home-runs as a baseball bat. Some also know me for my delicious syrup that is often used on pancakes and with other yummy foods. And my leaf is proudly displayed on the Canadian flag.’


Henry Hickory here. I make really beautiful floors and cabinets, but young folks like me most for my ability to knock the ball outta the park as a baseball bat! And of course, they also like me for my talents in music…without me a rock song wouldn’t be the same, as I am drumsticks. Oh, and I make really cool railroad ties that stretch from coast to coast across North America.”


Hi, I’m Ollie Oak. I come in all kinds of species and am found all throughout homes. I’m the floor, the cabinets, stairs and even the frames of houses. People think I am a very pretty wood and I have to agree. That’s why I’m often used.”



Billy Beech is my name and versatility is my game. I’m useful in many ways. I make really cool sounding drums, but also make excellent firewood. I’m oftentimes found in clothes as the material rayon. Check your tags, kids, you might be wearing me! Better yet, you might be hanging me, your rayon shirt on the clothesline, with more of me- your clothespins. Yep, I’m also a great clothespin.”


I’m Charlie Black Cherry and I’m pretty. When my wood is used, folks make sure I am seen. I make beautiful flooring, fine cabinetry, fine furniture and moldings in homes and buildings. I also produce a delicious fruit, the cherry, of course. Oh, and I also bloom beautiful flowers in the spring, called cherry blossoms.”


Hello there! I’m Allie Alder and I primarily live in the Northwestern part of the United States. I’m often used for moldings, cabinetry and furniture. Many years ago, Indians used me to treat poison ivy, insect bites, skin irritations and tuberculosis. Today I am used in medicine to help treat tumors. And musicians love me, especially those who play electric guitars. I make an excellent electric guitar.”


Sammy Sycamore here. I grow mostly in the Eastern half of the United States and although I love the forest so much, I do pretty well in the city…where I make a great shade tree. But, I’m also loved for the beautiful floors and furniture I make. I will grow up to be a very big tree with a massive trunk.”